LoveLife Training Philosophy

Every life wants to be happy. The freedom to enjoy life now and in future requires us to have a healthy body and mind as a solid foundation to support all of our life endeavours.

This is often overlooked in today’s fast paced and somewhat stressful society. When we neglect to take care of our health, we can become overwhelmed with stress, worry and countless other negative emotions which leaves us wondering why we’re struggling to be happy.

Take control of your life and happiness by developing yourself and investing in your health. Our body is a vessel which takes us through life. So we can choose to sail through life with a leaking dinghy and risk sinking at any moment or choose to cruise through in a beautiful polished and fine tuned yacht, able to handle any unpredictable weather or sea conditions. Make the choice!

Build awareness of good posture, be strong yet flexible, energised yet relaxed, stable and grounded yet agile. Seek help if you don’t know how. The process should feel like an exciting adventure and not a chore. When it’s enjoyable it will then become your lifestyle, not just a passing phase. Life then remains exciting and joyful always. Love Life!